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Anthony Hardnett, D.C.


Anthony Hardnett at  Effective Integrative HealthcareDr. Anthony Hardnett received his Bachelors in Biology with an emphasis in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences from Life University in Marietta, Georgia followed by graduating with honors from Life University Chiropractic College with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, along with a Clinic Excellence Award.

Dr. Hardnett is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries and abnormalities common to the spine, extremities and rest of the body. He has extensive knowledge and experience treating patients who suffer from neck or back pain as well as headaches. He also works with people who have work and sports related injuries and has extensive expertise in treating patients with whiplash related injuries.

His post doctorate education includes earning a Diplomat from the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals after studying accident reconstruction, trauma related injuries, crash dynamics and other critical issues related to the trauma patient. Doctor Hardnett is also board certified in Integrative Medicine which is the practice of using multiple treatment options within traditional medicine and alternative medicine to help patients. He also has extensive post doctorate education relating to MRI interpretation and treatment of disc related injuries. He just earned another Diplomat from the college of Manipulative and Body-Based Practices which enhances his knowledge on how manipulation of the spine can assist the body to heal.

Dr. Hardnett places his emphasis on treating the patient as a whole and finding the cause of the problem not just the symptoms. He owns and operates the premier state of the art Chiropractic and Integrative health facility in Maryland and has an overwhelmingly high success rate in helping patients with their health concerns. Dr. Hardnett feels that offering the latest treatment options, efficient care plans and patient education are all keys for the patient's ultimate success.

In 8 short years, Dr. Hardnett has made Effective Integrative Healthcare Health & Wellness Center the premier state of the art Chiropractic Health and Wellness facility in Maryland. Effective Integrative Healthcare has grown from a small, 2 person office to a staff of 18 with expanded services and providers to meet their patient's needs. Effective Integrative Healthcare provides a variety of services that make them a one-stop shop in healthcare. And in an effort to further expand services, Dr. Hardnett has now added a Medical Doctor and Nurse Practitioner establishing Effective Integrative Healthcare, LLC to provide more integrative services for the community. And the addition of another office in Prince Georges County will further expand Effective Integrative Healthcare’s ability to reach and help more patients.

Click here to view Dr. Anthony Hardnett's Curriculum Vitae.

Angela Tarjick, DC


Angela Tarjick as Chiropractor at Effective Integrative HealthcareDr. Angela was born and raised in upstate, NY. She attended Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and received a BS in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Neurobiology and Behavior. In August 2008, she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree with Magna Cum Laude honors and set out to move and begin her new career in Maryland.

Within the chiropractic field, Dr. Angela has developed a great desire to focus on Women and Children's Health and has pursued extra education and certifications in those areas. She is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a specific adjustment of the pregnant woman's pelvis that ensures the proper alignment and tension of the pelvic structure in order to make the intrauterine environment favorable for the developing baby. This leads to a safer, healthier labor and delivery with fewer interventions. Dr. Angela is also in the final stages of receiving a Pediatric Certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. This is a 180-hour certification program that covers the specific diagnosis and adjusting techniques for the pregnant woman, newborn and infant through adolescent. With this training she has access to a wealth of information regarding common childhood illnesses and neuro-developmental conditions and the alternative treatments that are now available to parents.

Of special note, Dr. Angela is a Hope for Autism doctor, which means she holds a certification in the bio-nutritional care of individuals on the spectrum. It is a pleasure for her to present options of alternative care to parents and patients who might otherwise have none. Dr. Angela is, above all else, a proud mother and military spouse. Nothing brings her more pride than her husband, Matt (an Army Major, currently stationed at Ft. Meade), and two children, Ashley and Justin. She has been active in the military community for more than a decade now and looks forward to finding new ways to support the military families in the Maryland/DC area. At Fort Bragg she was presented with the prestigious Dr. Mary E. Walker Award for her dedication and support of the soldiers and their families in the 1/505th PIR Aide Station, where her husband was the platoon leader. The Dr. Mary E. Walker Award is presented to Army spouses whose achievements and performance merit special recognition.

Dr. Angela looks forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Dr. Aric Adlam


Dr.Aric Adlam at Effective Integrative HealthcareDr. Aric Adlam was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan where he started receiving chiropractic care at the age of 2 years old. After a traumatic football injury threatened his future athletic career at the age of 16, Dr. Aric turned down a risky spinal surgery for an all chiropractic approach. After missing only a half of a football season instead of the predicted 2 years; Dr. Aric was back on the field. More importantly, Dr. Aric had decided during that time that he had found his calling in life and decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor.

Dr. Aric received an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Biological Sciences before entering chiropractic school. He then continued his education at Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, fulfilling his dream of becoming a Chiropractor. Dr. Aric is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries often encountered in the spine, extremities and the rest of the body. He has extensive experience with the current state of the art spine rehabilitation technology and diagnostic equipment used in the treatment of spine related injuries. He has had success in treating many patients who have dealt with chronic neck and low back pain for years as well as headaches sufferers that found no relief in the traditional medical model. He has extensive expertise in the treatment of whiplash injuries that often result from automobile accidents. Dr. Aric is also well trained in the diagnosis and treatment of bulging discs in the low back and neck utilizing the latest treatment methods available.

Dr. Aric comes from a history of highly competitive sports and takes pride in getting the high performance athlete to the weekend warrior back in the game safely and effectively. Dr. Aric worked with the Effective Integrative Team several years ago but had to return to his home state of Michigan to be with his family. Now that he is about to start a family of his own, he and his fiancé have decided to move back to Maryland to make it their home. He looks forward to being part of the EIH team once again and can’t wait to bring the patients of Effective Integrative Healthcare the best care possible.

Dr. Jacob Becker


Dr. Jacob Becker at Effective Integrative HealthcareDr. Jacob Becker is Maryland born and bred, a local product of Severn, MD. His interests have always pertained to the human body, how it works and how it is able to perform. He was introduced to healthcare at an early age from visiting the physical therapy office where his mother worked. Dr. Jacob has always been a gifted athlete, which earned him a scholarship to play lacrosse on a national championship caliber team. Having a passion for sports and the human body, he pursued a major in athletic training for two years at Limestone College in Gaffney, SC. He then transferred to Wesley College in Dover, DE where he continued to play lacrosse and run cross country. At that time, he switched his major to kinesiology also known as exercise science. Once he graduated, Dr. Jacob took some time off to work. In the process of figuring out his next step, he shadowed EIH’s Dr. Anthony Hardnett and learned what chiropractic healthcare was all about. He decided to work as a Chiropractic Assistant for EIH to learn as much as he could about chiropractic before he enrolled in Life University and ultimately earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic degree in March 2017. He was fortunate to do his PEAK program, a chiropractic residency, in Maryland during his final term of chiropractic school with Dr. Hardnett and the Effective Team. He gained knowledge of the practice, developed patient rapport, and was able to not only better his chiropractic skill set but expand it as well.

Dr. Jacob is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic in Chiropractic Practice, Physiotherapy, and Adjunctive Procedures. Dr. Jacob’s interests lie in both sports performance and nutrition. He believes in practicing what he preaches by continuing to be active with daily workouts, a good diet, and an overall active life style. His time outside of the office is spent socializing with friends and family, playing lacrosse, fishing, surfing, and cheering on a number of sports teams, which include any Maryland lacrosse team, the University of Alabama football team, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Washington Redskins. Dr. Jacob is excited to be starting his career at Effective Integrative Healthcare and is ready to bring his knowledge, ambition, and an overall passion for healing to the office with the hope of changing as many people’s lives as possible!

Dr. Patricia DeNardo, DC


Dr.Patricia DeNardo as Chiropractor at Effective Integrative HealthcareDr. Patricia DeNardo is originally from upstate New York. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree at Keuka College. Following graduation she entered the Chiropractic program at New York Chiropractic College and graduated with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2011. While at NYCC, she learned how to utilize the most up-to-date chiropractic techniques and was able to observe and experience a variety of treatment methods. Dr. Patti has had great success in working with a variety of patients from infant to elderly and she is most prominently known for her effective work with sports injuries. In addition, she is experienced in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions while utilizing a wealth of different treatment modalities. Dr. Patti is certified in Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, Dry Needling, Kineso Taping and the Webster Technique. She has also worked with local running and cycling stores providing expertise and advice on techniques as well as injury prevention. Her active participation in athletic events including Zooma, the Annapolis Ten Miler, and the Annapolis Half Marathon, have expanded her ability to help patients with a variety of conditions. Dr. Patti is an avid athlete herself and enjoys running, paddle boarding, staying healthy, and spending time with family and friends in her free time. She is very excited to join the exceptional team of Doctors at Effective Integrative Healthcare and to continue to bring the best care possible to all of our patients.

Kelsey Batanian


Kelsey Batanian at Effective Integrative HealthcareOriginally from Southern Maine, Kelsey graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science. Following graduation, she moved to Maryland where she enrolled in the Professional Massage Therapy program at the Baltimore School of Massage. While attending school in Baltimore, she completed over 768 credited hours with 7 weeks of clinical experience.

Kelsey has been involved in sports throughout her life and enjoys ice hockey, soccer, exercising and being outdoors. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys the beach and being with friends and family. She also has a 6 year old Golden Retriever that has traveled from Maine with her.

Kelsey is committed to learning new techniques and staying up to date with the latest developments in the massage field to improve her skills and expand the services she can offer patients. Kelsey is very excited to be joining a successful team of Doctors at Effective Integrative Healthcare to help improve patient health and wellness through massage therapy.

If you are ready to book your appointment with our licensed massage therapist, please call 410-451-4640

Kelsey is available at both our Crofton and Millersville locations.

CROFTON: Tuesday & Thursday.

MILLERSVILLE: Wednesday, Friday and every other Saturday (Call 410-729-2200).

Dr. Lisa Lourey

Doctor of Acupuncture (D.Ac)

Lisa Lourey at Effective Integrative Healthcare

Lisa Lourey, L. Ac, received a Doctorate in Acupuncture from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel, MD. Lisa has been a certified exercise instructor for over 15 years with certifications in cycling, Body Pump ®, Zumba®, Pilates, and Yoga. She continues to teach 12 classes a week at various locations in the DC area. She is also an avid runner and has completed over 50 marathons, a 50 mile endurance trail race, and numerous shorter distance races.

It is her experience with exercise science and movement that guides her approach to pain management and sports recovery through acupuncture. She is a graduate of the Whitfield Reaves Acupuncture Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program, a six-month intensive program focused on the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of common injuries and pain syndromes relevant to competitive athletes. She believes her role is not to tell you what you cannot do, but to inspire and enable you to accomplish and achieve whatever you train to do. Lisa is an Army widow and veteran with 21 years of service and deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. It is her lifetime of service to the military community that has inspired her to develop an expertise in treating trauma with acupuncture and assisting others in navigating grief and loss. She is dedicated to serving the community through volunteerism.

Lisa serves as a member of Acupuncturists Without Borders and recently served on a 4-member team providing acupuncture to Syrian and Afghan refugees housed in camps in Greece. Her experience there led her to be selected to become a Trauma Trainer for the organization and guide others in how to establish community clinics in support of trauma relief. In addition, Lisa continues to give back to her military community by serving as a presenter of holistic care for a local Veterans’ organization that develops retreats for wounded soldiers and their care givers. In Lisa’s free time she enjoys spending time with her furry family-a chocolate lab puppy, Jasper and a Weimaraner, Zelda and going to live music festivals and local concerts with her partner Ben.

Dr. Leo Korotki, MD


Dr.Leo Korotki at Effective Integrative HealthcareDr. Leo Korotki received his Medical degree at the University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore. Following that he became a resident physician at Sinai Hospital and went on to become both Chief Resident and then an attending physician in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department before opening his own private practice.

Since 1982, Dr. Korotki has been treating people with pain, some debilitating, in private practice in the greater Baltimore Metropolitan area.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the only medical specialty that specializes in the nonsurgical treatment and diagnosis of pain. Just like any other field of medicine, (orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurology, internal medicine, etc.) to become a specialist you must complete an internship and residency after medical school. We are taught to treat pain by means not commonly used by other physicians.

Conditions that are treated by Physical Medicine Physicians include, but are not limited to, the following: back & neck pain – joint pain – arm, leg, foot and hand pain – numbness & tingling – arthritis – pinched nerves, including carpal tunnel syndrome & sciatica – herniated & bulging discs, fibromyalgia/fibro myositis – headaches – jaw pain (and more). We are also trained in performing complicated
but specific tests called electro diagnostic studies, essential for the diagnosis of certain nerve and muscular problems.

Dr. Korotki is very excited to join the Effective Integrative Healthcare team. He will be overseeing all patients seen by CRNP Melissa Whitaker and assisting in managing all patient cases at EIH. His years of experience and expertise make him a perfect fit for the physical medicine and integrative healthcare team of Doctors.

Melissa Whitaker, CRNP


Melissa Whitakar at Effective Integrative HealthcareMelissa was a national championship rower at the University of Michigan and competed in England after winning the gold at Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia. She also attended pre-elite camp at Dartmouth for prospective Olympic athletes. However, in her training, she sustained two herniated discs, so she opted for physical therapy and chiropractic care, which later enabled her to avoid spinal fusion surgery.

She graduated summa cum laude with a BS concentration in environmental science, biology, and education. She relocated to Maryland and taught chemistry, ecology, earth science and genetics to 8th graders.

After losing several close family members to cancer, Melissa decided to use her science background to shift her focus towards medicine, where she could help patients with pain and chronic disease. She entered the accelerated BSN program at the University of Maryland and graduated with honors. Following graduation she acted as team leader, charge nurse, and preceptor at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital. While there, she earned the award for Best Patient Advocate. Later, she cared for adult home hospice patients in the greater Baltimore area. Melissa returned to the University of Maryland to complete the Master’s Program in Family Practice. She also completed a 40 credit-hour course offered by the Institute for Functional Medicine – Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice. Functional medicine is a holistic lifestyle approach to health that addresses the root causes of disease in lieu of simply treating symptoms.

Melissa is skilled in assessing patients for treatment alternatives to surgery and adjunct therapies for acute and chronic pain. She is also well versed in functional nutrition as an integral part of weight loss, pain management, and preventing chronic diseases of inflammation. Melissa is passionate about promoting vibrant health in patients and using an integrative approach to help patients reach their goals.

She enjoys hiking with her dog and husband, gardening, rowing on the Severn River, and biking.

Melissa is very excited to bring her expertise in physical and integrative medicine to the Effective Integrative Healthcare team of Doctors to better serve patients in our community.

Rebecca Kilcullen


Rebecca Kilcullen at Effective Integrative Healthcare

Rebecca or Becky as she likes to be called, has had a lifelong passion for the medical field ever since she was a young child. Currently, Becky has been in the medical field for over 10 years and a Family Nurse Practitioner for approximately 3 years. She started her nursing career after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. Her diverse work experience comes from working as a nurse in various Emergency Departments around the country and becoming a Certified Emergency Nurse prior to returning to school to further her education. She graduated with a Master’s of Science from the University of New Hampshire and was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, the national nursing honor society.

Since becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Becky has spent her time treating patients in urgent care and occupational medicine clinics. Through this experience, she has learned the importance of rehabilitation, physical therapy, and non-traditional treatment modalities for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, as well as the prevention of future injury. In her personal life, Becky had the opportunity to learn the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care alongside traditional medical treatment when her family decided to utilize chiropractic care for the treatment of her son’s chronic ear infections. After being blown away by the results, Becky has developed a passion for learning about holistic and integrative treatments for common injuries and illnesses. She believes in empowering people to take their health into their own hands by leading healthy lifestyles to not only treat, but, more importantly, prevent disease.

At any given time, Becky would love to talk with you about golf, her beloved Horned Frogs, and any types of crafting. Now that she has realized her dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner, she feels she has the greatest job in the world and is always happy to share her passion with others. She is very excited to start her move into integrative care with the amazing Effective Integrative Healthcare team.

PG County Location Hours: Tuesdays, 9am-1pm
Millersville Location Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9am-1pm & 3-6:30pm

Amanda, Office and Billing Manager


Amanda at Effective Integrative Healthcare Amanda is our Office and Billing Manager as well as a Certified Chiropractic Assistant. She was raised in Ohio where she graduated with a BA in English and Theater. She has a wealth of experience in retail management where she worked for almost 7 years. In her managerial roles she was able to travel and had the opportunity to manage multiple stores. During this time, she discovered chiropractic care for herself and was excited for the opportunity to work in an environment where she could share this knowledge with others on a daily basis. As one of our managers she assists with verifying insurance benefits and answering any questions you may have. She loves to greet everyone with a hello and a smile, making sure your visit is as relaxing as possible. Amanda loves to see patients' improvement in the office through the excellent care provided. Her main goal is to make you feel a part of the Effective Integrative Healthcare and Integrative Healthcare family and to educate others on how they can reach their true health potential through chiropractic care.

Kay, Front Desk Manager


Kay at Effective Integrative Healthcare Kay is our Front Desk Manager and is a Certified Chiropractic Assistant as well. She has worked in the Chiropractic field for over 3 years and in the medical field for over 7 years. Chiropractic has been a part of Kay's life for awhile now and she loves what she has seen it do for others and her own family. As a child and young adult, Kay was a caregiver for family and friends. It is with this compassion, that she strives to provide the same care and detailed attention to each and every patient to make them feel like part of the EC/EIH family.



Kristin at Effective Integrative HealthcareKristin comes to Effective Integrative Healthcare and Integrative Healthcare with extensive customer service experience. She is one of our Certified Chiropractic Assistants, CCA. She loves working with patients, whether it is helping them navigate their first visit or being the smiling face and upbeat personality that helps them get through their rehab exercises. Kristin makes it a priority to bring a smile to everyone's face and makes sure their visit to our office is the best experience possible. The ultimate reward she sees from her hard work is the improvement every patient achieves with our care.


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