hCG Day 30 - Electrolytes

Hey Effective Community! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! If your family is anything like mine, these types of holidays mean backyard barbeques with friends and family. All major ...
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hCG Day 17 - Probiotics

Hey Effective Community! We're continuining our week long talk on supplements by talking about probiotics today! Watch the video below to learn what they are and why we should take them! If ...
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hCG Day 23 - What I Eat

Good Morning Effective Community! Today, I am showing you a day in the life of what I eat. Prior to starting the diet, it was hard for me to visualize what I would be eating. How much food, for ...
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hCG Day 22 - Weight Loss Stalls

Happy Monday, Effective Community! Today is Day 22 of my hCG diet...almost half way there. It's weigh in day! Watch the video below to see that my new reported weight is not what I expected it to ...
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