Trigger Point Injections in Millersville, MD

Relieve Your Back & Neck Pain

Trigger points are formed when the group of muscles in your neck and back become constricted causing pain which limits your mobility and causes muscle fatigue. They may become aggravated and cause serious discomfort. Our Millersville chiropractors offer a variety of treatments and services to treat chronic pain.

The following symptoms may be treated with trigger point injections:

  • Pain
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Limited mobility
  • Rigidity of the spine

Our team at Effective Integrative Healthcare can help you treat any "knots" with Trigger Point Injection Therapy. We want you to have the best treatment possible, which is why we use a non-toxic, plant-based anti-inflammatory drug called Sarapin for the medication. The Trigger Point Injection Therapy is administered by a licensed medical doctor, who can complete the treatment in our office and in a very little amount of time. If you have any questions about our treatment, please contact us at (410) 729-2200 to schedule a consultation!

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